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Agnisus by DeadlyObsession
Agnisus is the holy Daeva of Order and seeks to ensure balance. Despite being referred to as a 'he' he is a genderless being. He takes the form of a Quezelcoatl and has powers of restoration and cleansing. His wings are massive and beautiful allowing him to soar the skies at great heights. His brother and eternal enemy is Galadius, the Daeva of Chaos
Shattered Domination by DeadlyObsession
Shattered Domination

Shattered Domination is considered an anomaly to the world of Eden; it is an imperfect byproduct created from the Daeva of Disease Ankitor. It rivals the Daeva of Armour equally as it is created from the same being. Domination possesses a 'True Eye', an eye that perceives death similarly to the and could be linked with the Daeva of Death due to the heavy usage of eyes on its body.

Crestliches tend to vary in the Fall; but Domination is by far the strangest. It will attack both Aetherspecies and Fallenspecies. People worry that it is capable of challenging its creator; Lord Blood himself.

In One Ear, Out the Other - NaNoEmo 8/10 

Obsidian Corruption

Ankitor the Daeva of disease; a large but simple larvae, begins to slowly awaken thanks to Daeva's beginning to awaken in a chain across the world. Agnisus, Direnoranx, Astral and Galadius are only but a few examples. Completely immobile; this creature that was selected as the champion of Lord Blood his creator. Creating an object named the Palisade a green wall like stone depiction; he uses it as a means to command his servants to do his bidding. Unaware of their deeds as everyday life, these servants try to lure the Daevas to his lair where he can inflict them with Blood's curse of the Fall. Ankitor uses the Daeva in order to fight and alters their visable form into something more chaotic. This byproduct; such as Shattered Domination, acts at Ankitors will, not Lord Blood. It is even feared that if left long enough to roam, it can eventually challenge Lord Blood himself and take his place causing some to wonder if Ankitor really serves Blood or has his own agenda. After collecting the four battle modes; Adena becomes subject to this frightly form that takes summoning Agnisus and the Hex Dragon Alpha to be able to fight. However, despite the intervention of another Daeva, it is not apparent to defeat Domination until Adena is forcefully extracted from its body using the legendary Lich Signet she had been protected with. Still able to survive on its own, Adena states that only a Crestlich can defeat another Crestlich and enters one final battle mode. With Agnisus, Domination is destroyed and Ankitor returns to his hibernated state. Impossible to completely kill Blood's Champion, Ankitor is buried deep underground, hopefully to never be discovered again.

Battle Mode 3 - Assassin by DeadlyObsession
Battle Mode 3 - Assassin

Battle Mode 4:-  Trident Knight

Adena Krieger - Battle Mode 3 - Assassin.

Krieger’s armour extracts the power of the Crestlich Valkyrie granting her a simple visor that heightens her senses. This is the only case the dominant gold decor on the armour is replaced by red. Battle Mode Assassin focuses on hand to hand combat. More drastic in design compared to prior battle modes, this comes at a cost. Valkyrie is an extremely violent battle Crestlich which is elevated in the lack of containment of his feral attributes; most notably the brute fighting style and spiked features like the back tail. One must have absolute focus when issuing this battle mode and not get carried away by the flow of blood and battle. The most notable part of the armour is the helmet which despite coming from a creature from hell appears beautiful in battle. On must still be weary if Adena decides to lose control over it.

Adena has four battle modes to her standard Crestlich armour that is only made possible by the factor of its nihilistic creation. No living being other than Adena herself can actually possess and wear the armour; otherwise being immediately subject to the vile curse that comes with it.

Adena Krieger and her design, battle modes included, belong to me. Please respect my wishes and do not copy without permission.

Bates by DeadlyObsession
The sassy, arrogant, foul mouthed second persona of Alyssa Hale/Maxwell. Retsupurae finally finished with Clocktower 2 and I'm gonna miss it dearly. This dude should totally star in his own game.

Originally posted on my tumblr.


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Frightfully addictive
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
I'm a mostly self-taught artist that enjoys drawing dragons, monsters and critters. I love fantasy and fiction, my favourite being swords and sorcery type (I ADORE knights too!). I also love lavishingly dark horror themes and videogames =3

I'll variate between styles more often than not. I'm always open to try new methods to become as versatile as possible.

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Hi there, a quick question about your Grimm designs for RWBY; I am planning on writing a RWBY fanfic in the not too distant future and I was wondering if it would be alright if I included some of your Grimm in said story.

Of course you will receive full credit for the Creatures on the chapters I use them in.
DeadlyObsession Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That'd be cool! Show me the story if you ever write it :D
slimpickensuk Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm in the planning stages at the moment, ya know trying to get the layout and flow right; but i'll probably start writing in the coming weeks. once I get the first few chapters done i'll upload it to, and then i may upload it to deviantart. thank you very much for allowing me to use your creatures they are of high quality design i'll tell you that much.
Kingmertel Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Great art gallery! I'm watching you =D
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